Meditation Workshop

Do you long for a more calm and content life? Are you always looking for peace in this busy world? It’s time to start looking inwards at the peace with have within ourselves.

I believe there is practice for everyone and I want to help you discover the power of meditation and how building this practice in your life which can benefit you in all kinds of ways.

Across the 3 weeks I’ll be telling you what meditation is, the benefits and different ways to meditate to find the one that suits you or you can mix it up and use them all.

The best thing is, you can tailor the practice to suit your needs and when the right time for you to meditate. There are no restrictions and judgement, just showing up is enough.

Throughout the 3 weeks I’ll guide and support you to develop a way for you to meditate, live a life that is more mindful and peaceful.

The workshops will be held in The Nesting Place, Chelmsford and will cost £40 for the 3 weeks. Within the workshop you will receive a journal and handouts to support you in your new meditation practice at home.

This workshop will be held every 3 months throughout the year.

Just completed Vicki’s 3-week meditation course and I can’t recommend her highly enough. So caring, knowledgeable, inspiring and honest. The meditation really is Bliss. Thank you Vicki xx