Relaxation Classes

Meditation Workshop

Do you long for a more calm and content life? Are you always looking for peace? It’s time to start looking inwards at the peace we have within.

I believe there is a practice for everyone and I want to help you discover the power of meditation and how building this practice into your life, can benefit you.

The best thing is, you can tailor the practice to suit your needs and when the right time for you to meditate. There are no restrictions and judgement, just showing up is enough.

Mindfulness Classes

Rest & Renew Retreats

This new retreat will have us stepping into spring by bringing you some gentle Pilates work on the body with some peaceful mindfulness work on our thoughts and feelings.

We have made this retreat longer to include more elements we think you will find very helpful and to be able to bring you into a state of bliss. This retreat is a beautiful space to help you release any worries and stress and come back to our natural state of peace.

Mindfulness Classes

8 Week Mindfulness Course

This 8 week course will only be happening twice in 2020 and is not to be missed.

Over the course we will be covering the Bliss Mindfulness 8 principles to Mindfulness.

Each week, we’ll cover a different principle, explore in detail and investigate the challenges that we face for each.

I believe Mindfulness is a way of life rather than a hobby. This is why after each session, you’ll be expected to complete some practice at home, this commitment will help you discover the true magic of being mindful. 

group of people making yoga exercises at studio

6 Week Mindfulness Course

This course will be a weekly Zoom call session, with downloadable meditation and YouTube videos to help you practice what we learn together in the class.

We’ve all been living through some challenging and changing times which has caused unrest and unease amongst us. This course will help you understand mindfulness, have some foundations to help you come back to the moment and some tools to carry on your mindfulness journey.