"It was an hour of stillness, quiet and space and felt wonderful. My mind did wander but I was able, with gentle reminders, to pull it back to the present. I left feeling clear-headed and relaxed and the fact that I then slept right through the night without waking (the first time in 2 years) was the icing on the cake."

“So pleased I met Vicki, she is helping me a lot with stress, sadness, anxiety, coping with life! I never thought meditation and proper relaxation techniques would help me, but it has! Vicki is such an inspiration and is helping me work through a lot of stuff. Thank you so much"

“She’s amazing. What a relaxing class we had. Can’t wait to go again xx”

“I just completed Vicki’s 3-week meditation course and I can’t recommend her highly enough, so caring, knowledgeable, inspiring and honest. The meditation really is bliss. Thank you, Vicki, I really hope to keep it up. xx”

“Victoria is wonderful and I highly recommend her classes! X”