I love being able to help people. Whether that is in a class, guiding and introducing people to the basics of Mindfulness and how it can help them in their everyday lives, or working 121 with those that need a little more guidance to work through personal thoughts and problems.

Anxiety, stress and depression are a big part of our lives and we all know someone who is dealing with them daily, but there are others that are not ready to open up, ready to speak about their issues.

It is up to us to make sure we are aware of this at all times and to just be there. Be there for the good times and support through the tougher.

Be that shoulder to cry on when needed, pick up the phone for a chat, put the kettle on and listen. We can all do our part.

I have worked with some amazing people since starting Bliss Mindfulness and I wanted to share some of the reviews I have received. 

Love Vicki x

“So pleased I met Vicki, she is helping me a lot with stress, sadness, anxiety, coping with life! I never thought meditation and proper relaxation techniques would help me, but it has! Vicki is such an inspiration and is helping me work through a lot of stuff. Thank you so much, Vicki. X”

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve always woken in the night and it was never a problem as I’d have no trouble getting back to sleep. As I’ve got older, however, I’ve found myself waking more often during the night and for longer periods of time as I struggle to get back to sleep. I like to think that the broken sleep that comes of having had children means I can manage on night after night of poor sleep but the truth is, it leaves me grumpy and short-tempered and that’s not fair on my family. I find it so difficult to switch off the treadmill of thoughts in my head – what do I need to get ready for tomorrow, what do I need to add to the shopping list, when am I going to get to town/get the ironing done/do the shopping. ….. – that my sleep is light and disturbed and does not leave me feeling rested. So, in an effort to just be in the moment and stop my mind from running away with the things I need to do, I went to a mindfulness session run by Vicki. It was an hour of stillness, quiet and space and felt wonderful. My mind did wander but I was able, with gentle reminders, to pull it back to the present. I left feeling clear-headed and relaxed and the fact that I then slept right through the night without waking (the first time in 2 years) was the icing on the cake. I felt so good the next day as a result and so happy to know that it is possible! Thank you, Vicki, for showing me how x”

“She’s amazing. What a relaxing class we had. Can’t wait to go again xx”

“I just completed Vicki’s 3-week meditation course and I can’t recommend her highly enough, so caring, knowledgeable, inspiring and honest. The meditation really is bliss. Thank you, Vicki, I really hope to keep it up. xx”

“Victoria is wonderful and I highly recommend her classes! X”