Australian Bush Flower Essences

Last year I qualified as a level 2 Australian Bush Flower practitioner and will be bringing my exclusive knowledge of Mindfulness and Flower Essences together in an individual package.

For the last 40 years Ian White has been bringing Australian Bush Flower essences around the world to help people relieve some inner emotional turmoil and bring a sense of wellbeing with these extraordinary essences.

There are 69 single essences as well as combination mixtures to help more general symptoms. These essences are made up of flowers from all over Australia and Ian picks, decants and makes the essences himself. I have been on a number of courses which Ian has delivered and I’m in awe of his knowledge and expertise.

I have used these essences for a number of years to help me heal my own emotions and bring me into a state of balance.

I am really looking forward to offering all my clients the opportunity to work with me and use these essences together to create a more holistic healing process. I believe the mind and body are in sync with each other and we have lots of healing therapies now that looking after the mind and body but very little in the way of helping take care of our emotions.

These gentle remedies can benefit the whole family, even pets and I even use them on my own children. I am happy to give anyone a free phone conversation who is interested in finding out more about these flower essences.

Bliss Mindfulness Australian Bush Flower Essence Range

 Each of the package essences below come with a letter describing the essences and detail on how and when to take each of them. Each essence treatment package costs £26.00 plus £4.00 postage and packaging. 


Depression Trio Essences

When we are feeling low and depressed it can be hard to muster any energy to work on feeling better. We feel weighted and sluggish, struggling to make it through each day.

These three essences help you to start to feel better, like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

These essences work together to help work through the depression and feeling lighter.

Emergency Essence – To help with fear, distress and panic. This combination essence has 7 single essences in to help bring comfort to anyone who has experienced trauma and distress. 

Waratah – This essence is for the dark night of the soul. When we feel like we have lost all hope and in despair. This essence works well to help feel courageous and hope back.

Tall Yellow Top – The essence that is to elevate loneliness and isolation that we can feel through depression. It helps to bring a sense of belonging and an ability to reach out for support from others.

School Support Trio Essence

These three essences together can help support anyone starting school, college or university.

Whether it’s the concentration needed, the amount of work, or overwhelmed by the experiences. They are also great to have around exams, when feeling nervous or anxious.

Calm & Clear – Clear minds and bring a sense of priority back to wellness. The essence works well for someone who finds school overwhelming and can’t wind down.

Cognis – For those who struggle with overwhelm, confusion and daydreaming. To concentrate and focus our attention the Cognis essence helps integrate ideas and information into the brain, balancing out the cognitive processes.

Confid – The essence helps build self-esteem and confidence. Feel comfortable around others, bringing more positive qualities throughout each day.

Anxiety Trio Essence

When we are feeling anxious we can feel overwhelmed by the worries and fears that come from our thoughts.

These essences working together can help relieve the fears and worries and help us live in more peace through each day. 

Crowea – The essence works with worries and helps elevate them bringing much peace and calm. 

Dog Rose – For those who have underlying fears and feeling insecure. This essence helps build courage and self-belief to live more fully.

Emergency Essence – To help with fear, distress and panic. This combination essence has 7 single essences in to help bring comfort to anyone who has experienced trauma and distress. 


Single Essence Collection

Each of the single essences below come with a letter describing the essences and detail how and when to take. Each essence treatment costs £9.50 plus £4.00 postage and packaging. 


Works for anyone who is a continuous worrier and feeling like something isn’t quite right.

Helps bring peace and calm, balancing and grounding the individual.

Black-Eyed Susan

For someone who is always on the go, over committing themselves and constantly striving.

The essence has the ability to help someone turn inwards and be still, to slow down and helps bring inner peace.


Helps mother-child bonding. Very good for overwhelming changes in life, old age, adolescence, parenthood, pregnancy and death. It  supporst an individual to cope and move through change, bringing a sense of peace and serenity. building bonding between mother and child.


For anyone feeling drained, burnt out and jaded.

This essence helps restore enthusiasm, inner strength and endurance.

Old Man Banksia

When we are feeling frustrated, weary and disheartened. To support bring back an enjoyment of life, renews enthusiasm and an interest in life again.

She Oak

The essence for female hormone imbalances, for infertility and menopause. Helps to emotionally be open to conceiving and balance out female hormones.


For when we are going through the ‘dark night of the soul’, feelings of despair, hopelessness. Allows you to build courage, tenacity, faith in oneself and an enhancement of survival skills.

Tall Yellow Top

When an individual is feeling lonely, alienated, and isolated. The essence helps by bringing a sense of belonging, accepting of self and others and has the ability to help others reach out. Increasing the feeling of being at ‘home’.