Australian Bush Flower Essences

Last year I qualified as a level 2 Australian Bush Flower practitioner and will be bringing my exclusive knowledge of Mindfulness and Flower Essences together in an individual package.

For the last 40 years Ian White has been bringing Australian Bush Flower essences around the world to help people relieve some inner emotional turmoil and bring a sense of wellbeing with these extraordinary essences.

There are 69 single essences as well as combination mixtures to help more general symptoms. These essences are made up of flowers from all over Australia and Ian picks, decants and makes the essences himself. I have been on a number of courses which Ian has delivered and I’m in awe of his knowledge and expertise.

I have used these essences for a number of years to help me heal my own emotions and bring me into a state of balance.

I am really looking forward to offering all my clients the opportunity to work with me and use these essences together to create a more holistic healing process. I believe the mind and body are in sync with each other and we have lots of healing therapies now that looking after the mind and body but very little in the way of helping take care of our emotions.

These gentle remedies can benefit the whole family, even pets and I even use them on my own children. 

Through our consultations I will give you an essence to help bring relief based on the symptoms and key words you use. I will then give you a 30ml bottle of essence which will last roughly 4 weeks. All essences are to be taken morning and evening until the bottle finishes. In some cases I might mix a few essences to create an individual essence for you.

I will be conducting individual sessions with essences or 3 sessions with essences over a 3 month period. Each individual session will cost £60 for an hour consultation and 1 essence. Any other essences prescribed will be at a cost of £11.50. 3 sessions with essences for each session and an hour consultation on each appointment plus 1 remedy will cost £170 and can be paid in instalments.

I am happy to give anyone a free phone conversation who is interested in finding out more about these flower essences.