Tailored 121 Coaching

Is it you’ve always found anxiety, depression or constant stress taking over your life and all the things you used to love disappear? I can support you in living your life to your full potential and enjoying a life that is rich in joy and peace.

Spending some time in my 121 sessions, we can get a better understanding of where your life has unraveled and start to piece it back together so you feel whole again.

Our first meeting will be a phone call to ensure I can support you in your healing and to make sure Mindfulness is the right route for you to take before committing to our one to one sessions.

We will have as many sessions as you require (minimum 4) to help you feel you are back to yourself. In each session, we spend time chatting, discussing Mindfulness guidance and advising how I can help you move forward. 

Anxiety Coaching 

My coaching 121’s for anxiety can support you through the panic and anxious thoughts. To see past the fear and help you live the life you really want. 

Anxiety can hold you back, stop you doing the things you love and it can consume your whole life.

The more you give power to your anxiety, the more it expands and holds you down.

In our sessions together we will: get to the root of your anxiety and be aware of all the symptoms you feel, recognise the trigger and face them head on together, give you Mindfulness tools to support your anxiety when it starts and use stillness to witness, observe and work on not being afraid of anxiety, knowing it will pass.

Depression Coaching

Are you struggling with a dark cloud that’s hanging over your head? Do you wish for brighter days but see no way out? There is a way and I’m here to support you lift that cloud and have days that feel like summer again.

Depression feels like it will never end and consumes your life. We will: look at how your feeling and what led to your depression, look at emotions and basic survival needs that must be met, enter into a self care routine, including full well being in food, exercise, sleep and the things you enjoy and work through the thought process and use Mindfulness to observe thoughts rather than letting them control you.

In our sessions together we will be using various Mindfulness techniques, giving you tools to help you see each day with joy and gratitude. You will also receive handouts, a journal and a mantra bracelet to support our work together.