Bliss mindfulness meditations

Crowea Essence

This meditation uses the earth to help restore our body when you are feeling exhausted, weary, and tired. You will feel more alive and filled with energy, ready for the day ahead. This meditation grounds us by focusing on the breath and releasing stress to help us relax and be in a state of calm as our body recovers and heals.

Black-Eyed Susan

This beautiful 10-minute grounding meditation helps anyone release any fears, distress, worries or stress and allows you to feel more balanced and calm. This meditation can support you to let go and come into a state of relaxation by travelling through the earth and connecting to mother nature.

Bottlebrush Essence

This evening practice will help you unwind from the day, relaxing the body and mind through a deep surrendering meditation practice. Focusing our attention on this moment to relax and bring a sense of peace. This then helps us release any attachments and we can have a restful night’s sleep as we have released the day and any challenges we have faced.

Macrocarpa Essence

This inner light meditation will help relax the body as you visualize the soothing light working through the whole body and mind. This meditation is perfect in the day or evening just to connect back to you and give yourself 10 minutes for some time to rest and renew vital energy.

Old Man Banksia Essence

Take this short belly breathing practice to help you become more centered and still. In just five minutes you can help you reduce stress, as using the belly to activate your rest and renew response counters the stress response in your body. By concentrating on your body and bringing your attention to the breath rather than thoughts, you’ll notice a settling of the mind, more peacefulness and a readiness to enjoy the day ahead.

She Oak Essence

This morning practice is a wonderful way to start your day. This is for anyone trying to start a routine daily practice.  Follow the morning sunrise rising through the body to relax your mind and soul. It’s important to set an intention to bring calm and peace through your day and this meditation can help you achieve just that. I send loving blessings to you and your morning meditation practice.

Waratah Essence

This body scan is the perfect way to unwind any stress and tension built up in the body through the day. By focusing on the breath and parts of the body, you can start to activate the body’s rest and renew response, allowing the body to start to heal itself. This body scan will ease you into a calm and relaxed state, in which, by doing this every day you will begin to change the way you respond to stress in the future.

Tall Yellow Top Essence

This relaxing breathing practice is intended to help you find some immediate balance in a stress filled day. With it being only 5 minutes, this practice can be done anytime or anywhere in your day. The rhythm of your breathing will gently soothe your nervous system, clear your mind and allow you some space to bring yourself to the present moment.