I wanted to let you know about some further training I have been doing this year.

This year I started using Australian Bush Flower essences around 4-5 years ago. I was introduced to them by my homeopath and dear friend. The course of which changed my healing and opened me up to experience a new way to look after my emotions.

What are Australian Bush Flower Essences?

The Australian Bush Flower essences are similar to Bach flower essences and have a vibrational constitution to help heal emotional wounds and trauma. The one thing that has drawn me to these essences is that these are being developed now and are more relevant in the world we are currently living in. Bach remedies were formed by Edward Bach in the UK more than 100 years ago. I still use Bach remedies as I’m sure most of you have heard of Rescue Remedy but have found the Australian Bush flower essences more potent and rapid in results.

I have seen first hand how these essences have worked to heal my own wounds and have been using them ever since.

The past few years I have started to study these amazing remedies and have been to a number of workshops with the founder Ian White. He is both insightful and extremely knowledgeable in the botanical elements of the remedies.

Each workshop I have attended has left me feeling inspired and with a huge sense of wonder in how I can bring these essences to you. I very much believe in a whole approach to healing, not just with the mind work I do in Mindfulness but also physically in movement as well as what we eat.

Emotions are another element to ourselves that often doesn’t really get much attention. When we experience something quite traumatic we try to push it away or ignore it. However this only lasts for a period of time before the body or mind unravels and reveals this trauma in other ways.

By unveiling our layers of stuck emotions and behavioural patterns we can start to be more free and content in our lives now. We seem to be in an epidemic of mental health problems and I believe these remedies can help support us all in living a more healthier and happier life.

What next?

The essences have been fundamental in helping me through some tough emotions like grief, anger, depression but also has supported me in happier times and through my daily practice of well being. 

Now I am a qualified Advanced Practitioner and will be continuing my work with these essences and currently working on more case studies.

From 2020 I will be leading a new coaching packing which will comprise of the essences with my unique coaching experience. This will not only deepen our work together but I feel will help heal everyone who comes into contact with them.

The essences will also be showcased in my retreats and workshops going forward. Of course I really respect anyone who says they are not interested in experiencing these essences but I really wanted you to understand the further journey I am on to help people in my community heal with a whole approach.

I really can’t wait to start to share these wonderful essences with you all. If you have any questions or are interested in finding out more information please email me contact@blissmindfulness.co.uk.