I wanted to share with you what my daily practice is with regards to mindfulness as it’s a question I often get asked in workshops and classes I run.

I believe Mindfulness is a daily attitude to life and something I strive to bring to my day from the moment I wake up in the morning to the end of the evening.

What I am very aware of, is that we all have our own routines and schedules but we can all find the time to bring our attention to this minute and the next without too much disruption from our thoughts.

My practice started out very small, based on what we call our ‘formal practice’ or meditation. I would sit each evening upstairs on my bed and play music and just breathe. Sometimes listening to guided meditations but allowing me that sacred time to be by myself and reflect.

This practice allowed my awareness through the day to grow, witnessing how I needed some downtime as well as through the day.

As I have worked in a rather busy, non-mindful business, I needed some time through my lunch break to bring my attention to the present.

This would come in the form of a walk around the river, not too far, but just 10 minutes by myself, writing in a notebook on how I was feeling and what was happening, mindfully drinking tea or eating lunch so I could slow myself down and focus my attention off my mind.

For many years that was my daily practice, and then I started to feel like I needed more. With all the research I do for my own development and for my business I always admired people getting up early to do their practice.

So when I was ready I implemented a morning routine which starts just after 6 am with 20 minutes of meditation and then 10-15 minutes of yoga. This is such a fantastic start to my day and because I get up before the children, it’s a quiet space just for me.

For me, the morning and evening routine has stuck and since life changes continually I also have to change my practice around but the foundations of those 2 daily practices stay the same.

I know that my continuing work to be mindful allows me to not judge my practice and sometimes it doesn’t go to plan. For example, if I have fallen asleep early, the next day I will begin again and not get annoyed or upset that my meditation practice didn’t happen and then I can bring some mindful awareness to more aspects of my day like driving, cooking, washing up, etc.

I struggle to maintain my routine on holidays and when we stay in other people’s home. I find it strange setting an alarm on holiday but ultimately I know this meditation practice will help me through the holiday. So I will change my morning routine so that I have some space for 10 minutes rather than the usual 20 minutes of practice.

Have you got a daily practice? What do routine do you have? If you haven’t, would you like some help getting started?

The main way to start a daily practice is understanding the worthiness of doing something for you. It makes me feel so good doing it every day, why would I want to stop!