I get so many questions regarding what tools there are to help most with Mindfulness. There are some fantastic apps out there to use to help with your Mindfulness practice and having these on your phone will help you no matter where you are. So here are my top 3:

Calm App: This is the app I use the most. The free version has everything you need, with meditation, breathing and even music to support you being in the present moment. I like to use the timed session with music each day, doing a 15-minute session with a little bell letting you know when the time is up. You can pay monthly or yearly for the full version, accessing sleep stories and other longer meditations.

Mindful: A daily app to start your Mindfulness practice. There is a great pause moment to breathe and connect with yourself. There is a daily lesson to practice through the day. I like the reminder you can set on your phone to allow you to commit your lesson through the day. A great app to start your Mindfulness journey.

Aura App: This is a personalised Mindfulness app. This app is perfect to tailor Mindfulness practice around your day and needs. Practice and explore different meditations through your busy day. A perfect app for people looking at a variety of meditations and practices.