I would never have thought many years ago when I was in the grip of depression that I would be here today with a website and brand that I get to call my own.

I know that many teachers of self-help variety have often been through the worst and come through it to share their knowledge with you and I’m no exception.

In the beginning, my main aim was to spread the word of mindfulness. To help people who have been through mental strife and see no way out or think that their minds are always like that, so it must be the norm suffering from anxiety or depression for years.

I found mindfulness and meditation instrumental in my healing process and wanted to share the skills with everyone. I started a diploma to help me know more and then I started a small gathering to share the knowledge.

I started a class with my local WI to promote mindfulness practice and over time felt my confidence build in delivering successful classes.

I was then approached about coaching, although I had never really thought of this before, and I started with a few clients, helping and supporting them through their needs, using mindfulness techniques to bring some peace to their lives.

This changed me in so many ways. I was so grateful these women allowed me to be part of their healing and to see them transform in front of my eyes, I was filled with appreciation for each day I got to do this important role.

A year later and I wanted to take the next leap, so I finally got my act together and had a website made and a new logo.

It’s been through my practice that I’ve wanted to help more people. I have had visions of what I wanted to do, brimming with ideas to help and support with mindfulness, to bring calm to people’s lives and know that there is a better way to live.

Do you have a dream?

I always thought I had to have lots of money to get started, know the right people and work really hard.

However big or small your dream, focus on what you want to achieve and bring a positive outlook on this dream and it’s possible it will come true.

Yes, it is hard work and I’m not saying things are always easy but if you want something bad enough, start some action today towards that dream.

I get overwhelmed easily and find looking at the end goal too big for me to comprehend so I take baby steps. I do little work, but often and make sure I set some boundaries to help me through getting the dream off the ground. You can be consumed by the process and want to work every hour to build the dream. Doing it this way will often leave you exhausted and already drained before you even got started.

Being in the present moment has allowed me to focus on the important tasks but not to daydream too heavily into the future of what all this might look like or what expectations I put on myself.

Allow yourself to be in the moment and bring yourself some time to really reflect on what it is your after.

I have had moments where I thought I couldn’t do it, or it was too much. When doubt and despair come up try sitting with those moments, allow yourself to be curious about what is coming up for you and try to acknowledge these feelings with kindness. See if there is an underlying determination to be found, that powers through when in such doubt and negative thoughts start bubbling to the surface.

I’ve found that underneath, I really wanted to do good for someone else. I lost the thoughts of success but just to be able to show up each day and see what I can offer and to have this purpose in life, it has made it all worthwhile.

If success comes then that’s even better but it’s not my main goal.

If you have something you’re itching to start, a dream that you want to fulfill or even a passion for something you want to share, I say go get started.

This could be the year for you to bring about these dreams and you never know where you could be next year when you start taking a few small steps. Listen to what you want and take some action, you could be living a very different way in the future.

I want you to support you and if you find that you can’t get motivated or anxiety/depression has you feeling stuck, then why not join up for a coaching package to get your life back on track and fulfilling your dreams.

My coaching comes in 3 different packages from stress, anxiety, and depression and each is tailored to suit you and what your needs are.

Using Mindfulness to stay ever present we work on the patterns of behaviors, why they occur and how to overcome and control them better for the future.

Start living your life and I hope I get to share your journey with you and see your deepest dreams come true

Love Vicki x