With my children being off school it’s difficult to find time to myself. Even with work, family and life in general we are usually surrounded by people. When we have some me time we can get to know ourselves, enjoy our own company and recharge some batteries.

Here on a trip to Avebury with my family to see the ancient stones, we stumbled upon these old wisdom trees. They are beautiful and people believe the fairies live in the trees and you send wishes and dreams to them. Beautiful ribbons, wishes and gifts are displayed here and I couldn’t believe how amazing it was.

As you see from the picture below I wanted to enjoy some time out and just sit with the trees and enjoy their energy and surroundings and give some time to myself.

I instantly felt recharged ready for another sightseeing adventure.

Have you taken time out for yourself, just to be with you?

Why not do it today and send me your pictures of spending time with yourself.