How often are you present with people? Are you here right now?

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself whilst I’ve had a mini break away with friends.

I’m guilty of spending far too much time on social media flicking through posts and photos. I have come to realise whilst being away and spending my time with others that I am being distracted and my thoughts are often taking me away from a conversation with a friend or chat with my children.

My husband will often ask me a question at least 3 times before I eventually answer. There is always a message to reply back to, a video I must watch.

With all these distractions, how many little moments are we missing out on?

When I was away I really tried hard to engage in the interactions with others. Watch their faces as they talk with animation about the rides they had been on or about the animals they had seen.

Children and babies are a great example of living in the present.They only live in the here and now and don’t worry about what’s coming up in the next few hours or days. It’s great to watch their curious minds and to find out what’s unfolding in their day. They get excited about the smallest of things, everything is new and magical.

As our children get older they experience time and it’s values but also what stress it can bring They become preoccupied in their gadgets and friends but it’s important to make them realise how precious the present moment is. Spending some time just being and engaging with parents, for even a small time can have wonders for your relationship together.

Try picking a small time out of your day just talking to your children, finding out how their day was. What was great or not so great.

They are aware when we are engaged or not so let’s pick a few minutes today just being present and mindful with them.

We can do this with anyone not just our children. Have a conversation without your phone in your hand or at the table. Try really listening, watching their faces, feeling their energy and emotion. We connect better, feel loved and appreciated when we have a mindful conversation.

Watching animals is another great benefit of learning the act of presence. Your animals know nothing of stress and worrying and react only when needed to in survival mode. Spending time with animals can make you feel calmer and present especially receiving their unconditional love.

Think about how present you’ve been and take note, just realising can bring a whole new awareness.

This isn’t so you can start beating yourself up about how distracted you’ve been but a chance to be compassionate with yourself and look at each moment to start afresh.

We are all busy and I’m not saying we can all be present every minute of the day but we can chose to become aware in any moment to bring a mindful approach rather than living in a haze of distraction.

I hope you have a great week of mindful moments. I know I’ll be trying my best to create some in my week.

Love V x